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Sunland RV Resorts and Morgan RV Resorts Acquires Signature Resorts

Signature Resorts, the luxury RV division of Monaco Coach Corporation has been acquired by Morgan RV Resorts, Saratoga Springs, NY and Sunland RV Resorts headquartered in La Jolla, CA.

Morgan RV Resorts is the country’s largest privately owned RV park corporation. Morgan’s 41 RV resorts in 14 states offer RV owners unmatched camping and recreation facilities with over 17,000 lots in diverse and exciting locations such as the Adirondacks, the Chesapeake Bay, Cape Cod, and the Florida Keys.

Sunland RV Resorts currently owns and operates seven RV Resorts in Southern California, which includes Golden Village Palms RV Resort, California’s largest and most luxurious RV Resort with unparalleled amenities. Five of Sunland RV Resorts are strategically located in San Diego “America’s Finest City” in Southern California, and within close proximity to its world famous attractions. Sunland’s other most recent acquisitions include Emerald Desert Resort located in Palm Desert, California, and considered to be Palm Desert’s premier RV Resort.

In announcing the Signature Resorts acquisition, Morgan RV Resorts co-owner Bob Moser and Sunland RV Resorts President, Reza Paydar said they are truly excited to add this top-of-the-line group of RV resorts to their portfolio. “Signature Resorts is and has been the unmatched leader in RV living in America. Their properties have no equal in beauty, recreation and luxury living for Class A coach owners. They are the five-star choice in the field.”

E. Randall Henderson Jr. will continue as President of the new Signature Resorts, a position he has held since 2004. “With the Sunland and Morgan partnership, we are now expanding the Signature Resorts brand with the experience, resources and the team to set a new standard for luxury. Signature Resorts will serve those owners who demand the very finest in luxury RV living.” states Mr. Henderson, who pioneered luxury RV condominium ownership and has developed 23 RV resorts in 12 states and Mexico over the past 25 years.