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Come join us in California for Pickleball

Join The Pickleball Revolution at Golden Village Palms RV Resort

Pickleball is more than just a funny word; it’s one of the hottest sports in America.  As the story goes, this retired couple had discovered pickleball, and they spent a lot of time playing together. As time went on, he lost interest but she started playing more and more.  She eventually even became part of a competition team.  Missing his wife, the husband reportedly said, “It’s me, or pickleball.”

Some of you won’t be surprised to hear she chose pickleball! Today it is one of the most played recreational sports in the country, and is especially popular with baby boomers entering retirement.  While it is a great way to get moving, it is relatively less hard on aging joints than other sports.  It is also a great way to meet new people and be part of a community. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s 2015 Participant Report, 2.46 million people play pickleball.

Discover more about Pickleball at the Resort
Discover more about Pickleball at the Resort

If you don’t know a pickleball from a pickle jar, here is a bit of background. Pickleball is a fun, easy-to-learn sport that was created in 1965. It combines a bit of tennis, badminton and even ping-pong. Pickleball can be played inside or outside, and it only requires a good-sized court, a modified tennis net, a paddle and a plastic ball.  It can be played by two or four players. Play can be slow or fast and furious!

Given the continued growth of the sport and, in particular, its popularity among RVers, Golden Village Palms now boasts four USA Pickleball Association certified pickleball courts.  From Monday through Friday, the resort offers structured play from 8-10am and open play after 10am.  Open play is available on the weekends from 8am until dusk.  For beginners, the staff even offers on-site lessons while more advanced players can take part in periodic tournaments!

So if you are a self-professed pickleball addict or just curious about the sport, there’s no time like the present to hit one of our courts for a spirited game against your Golden Village Palms friends!

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