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Vintage Trailers: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Golden Village Palms Vintage Trailer and Camper Show
Golden Village Palms Vintage Trailer and Camper Show

From Thursday, April 27th to Sunday, April 30th, Golden Village Palms will host one of its most popular annual events – the Vintage Trailers, Campers & Classic Cars Show.

Now in its third year, the event offers attendees the opportunity to see some of the finest vintage trailers and campers from around the nation.  Also featured will be performances by local tribute bands, an array of vintage vendors, a pet parade, a farmer’s market and more.

The event has been so popular, in fact, that the resort added a Vintage Getaway Weekend to its 2017 event calendar.  Held January 13th-16th, the event will showcase 1985 and older vintage rigs along with live music, vintage vendors and more.

When it comes to the popularity of vintage trailers, few people understand it better than Paul Lacitinola who, along with his family, published the informative book Vintage Camper Trailers, launched Vintage Camper Trailers magazine in 2011, and oversees Here are just a few of the vintage trailers owned and loved by Paul and family…

Speaking on the trend towards preserving these iconic mid-twentieth century trailers, Paul notes that “with childhood memories wrapped up in trailers manufactured from the 40’s and 50’s, baby boomers have a love affair with midcentury Americana.  With the boomerang laminates and pink sparkle Formica, curved wood paneling and iconic aluminum wings, vintage camper trailers are the epitome of what is idolized from that era.  Walking into an old trailer triggers memories that may have been shelved for many years as individuals recall summers spent on the road with their families, playing cribbage with grandma, eating cookies baked in the camp stove or fishing with grandpa at a remote lake high in the hills.”

Photo Gallery From Our Previous Events

He continues, “While writing our book, Vintage Camper Trailers, we interviewed hundreds of people about why they got into the hobby.  We met one woman who said that she had to make a choice about what to do with her life once her children left the house.  She shared that she had been spending each evening wandering from room to room crying about being alone and having no direction.  She found an article about vintage camping and decided to give it a try.  Having no idea how to hook up a trailer or tow, she found how-to videos online and went for it.  She said she learns something every time she goes out, but has realized that if she needs anything, the community of trailerities is more than happy to help.  Either a first timer or a life-long camper, there is a place for everyone to join in the fun of making new memories while enjoying the trailers of yesterday.”

With respect to the popularity of events such as those held at Golden Village Palms, Paul mentions their ability to bring like-minded collectors together to reminisce about their time spent in a “trailer just like this.”

“Each rally is slightly different, but they all host a group of enthusiastic trailer owners who are happy to share stories and laughs with visitors as well as unreservedly dressing up for dances, dog parades, pajama processions and trailerite queen contests.  These events have become so popular that they sell out quickly and often have waiting lists the same day reservations are opened….In the Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine, it is not uncommon to find over 80 rallies (in 20 different states), inviting everyone who wants to join in the fun,” states Paul.

So whether you’re a current vintage trailer owner or are simply looking to take a stroll down memory lane via these ageless classics, be sure to click here for more information of Golden Village Palms’ 2017 events and visit the Vintage Camper Trailers website for more from Paul on this ever growing group of like-minded collectors.

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