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Photos from the 3rd Annual Vintage Trailer & Camper show

Vintage trailers and campers once again were king of the resort. On Saturday, April 29th Golden Village Palms RV Resort held its 3rd annual event. Owners of these vintage trailers got to showcase all their hard work and dedication. Along with the classic trailers and campers, guest also got to enjoy all the classic cars as well. It was another successful event.

“We love coming every year to see these vintage trailers.” Said, Rebecca, as she toured one of the classic campers with friends. The event was open to the public on Saturday, and there was quite a turnout for the show. Along with the trailers and cars, visitors also got to enjoy live music, food, and beverages plus vendor booths selling unique and antique items.

Golden Village Palms RV Resort has been hosting this event since 2015, and each year the event grows. It gives owners a chance to show off their beautiful vintage trailers. Many of the owners will even take it further and create a full display of vintage setups. Some will have chairs, coolers and other items all related to their campers era.

If you missed this year’s event, make sure you join us next year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or join our newsletter to get information on the 4th Annual Vintage Show. Please enjoy our gallery of photos from the event. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and a big thank you to all the vintage trailer and camper owners as well as the classic car owners. See you next year!