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Diamond Valley Lake

Be Sure To Explore The Hemet Area And Enjoy The Attractions

Be sure to visit Diamond Valley Lake while you visit

Looking to do a little fishing or boating while staying at the resort? Then we have a perfect location located only 10 miles southwest of Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Diamond Valley Lake is Southern California’s largest human-made reservoir — it spans a massive 4500 acres. We highly recommend to all our guest they take a day trip to the lake and enjoy its beauty.


Offers some of best fishing in Southern California, anglers can expect to catch largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass, bluegill, crappie, rainbow trout, red-ear sunfish, blue and channel catfish, and shad.

Boating at Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet California The fun doesn’t stop at fishing: There are plenty of opportunities for light boating, hiking, horseback riding and simply taking in the incredible views. To maintain the quality of the lake, no body contact with the water is permitted, and dogs are not allowed within the lake area. DVL does include a marina with boat launch; boat rentals are also available. For those who do want to swim, Diamond Valley Lake is also home to an aquatic center with swimming pool and sandy beach entry, plus a children’s play area complete with waterfalls, waterspouts, and a water slide.

Hiking and Riding

There are two popular trails that circle Diamond Valley Lake. Hikers and non-motorized bicycles are permitted on the 22-mile Lake View Trail (get ready for incredible views). We recommend hitting the trails around springtime with the wild flowers are in full bloom. Ride horseback on the 6-mile North Hills Trail that offers riders spectacular views of the San Jacinto Valley.

Fun Fact!

When excavating the DVL area, bones and skeletons from the late Pleistocene era were uncovered. Mastadona, mammoth, camel, sloths, long-haired bison and dire wolfs skeletons were all found. This collection — dating as far back as 230,000 years — is said to rival the famous La Brea Tar Pits from Los Angeles. Visitors can see many of these finds at on exhibit at the Western Science Center located at the entrance to the lake.

Visitor Center & Boat Launch
2615 Angler Ave, Hemet, CA 92545
All vehicles parked in the lot must have a parking permit. You can purchase one in the general store. Pricing for parking and fishing vary during the season. Visit their website for more details.