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Exploring the Great Outdoors with Sisters on the Fly at Golden Village Palms

By: Golden Village Palms RV Resort / 11 Mar 2024
Exploring the Great Outdoors with Sisters on the Fly at Golden Village Palms

Golden Village Palms, California's largest luxury RV resort provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures, relaxation, and camaraderie among travelers. One group that captures the spirit of adventure and sisterhood in the great outdoors is Sisters on the Fly. Known for their zest for life, love of camping, and empowering adventures, Sisters on the Fly has become a symbol of freedom and sisterhood in nature.

Embracing the Adventure Spirit with Sisters on the Fly

Sisters on the Fly is an organization of women who share a love for adventure, camping, and the great outdoors. Their activities range from fly fishing and hiking to caravan tours and cowboy action shooting. The group emphasizes no-pressure experiences, allowing members to partake in as many or as few activities as they like.

This philosophy aligns perfectly with the laid-back, luxury vibe of Golden Village Palms, where guests are invited to explore at their own pace, whether through organized resort activities or serene solitude beneath the California sun.

Community and Camaraderie in Nature

What sets Sisters on the Fly apart is their strong sense of community and camaraderie. This all-female group encourages empowerment through outdoor activities, creating a supportive environment where members can try new things without fear of judgment.

At Golden Village Palms, this spirit of community is mirrored in the resort's communal spaces and regular social events, fostering a sense of belonging among RVers, whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor.

Uniquely Decorated RVs and Vintage Trailers

One of the hallmarks of Sisters on the Fly is their eye-catching, uniquely decorated RVs and vintage trailers. These vibrant, artfully adorned vehicles are a sight to behold and perfectly embody the group's fun-loving and free-spirited nature.

Guests at Golden Village Palms can enjoy this same sense of individuality and expression, as the resort welcomes all forms of RVs and trailers, encouraging guests to make their space their own.

Outdoor Activities and Relaxation at Golden Village Palms

Golden Village Palms caters to outdoor activities that Sisters on the Fly members, and all guests, can enjoy. From swimming in one of the resort's three heated pools to playing a game of sand volleyball or pickleball, there's no shortage of ways to enjoy the California sunshine.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the resort offers yoga classes, craft sessions, and live music events, ensuring every guest finds their ideal balance of adventure and relaxation.

Giving Back and Making a Difference

Sisters on the Fly is not just about adventure; it's also about giving back to the community and making a difference. Through various charity events and initiatives, the group supports causes important to women and families.

Guests at Golden Village Palms can also contribute to the local community, with the resort hosting charitable events and drives throughout the year. This shared commitment to philanthropy enhances the sense of community and purpose among guests and members alike.

Enjoy Community & Group Gatherings

Golden Village Palms and Sisters on the Fly both represent a love for adventure, community, and the great outdoors. By embracing the spirit of Sisterhood on the Fly, guests at Golden Village Palms can enhance their RV experience, whether through participating in resort activities, exploring the natural beauty of California, or simply enjoying the company of fellow travelers

So pack your bags, hitch your trailer, and prepare for an unforgettable journey of adventure, friendship, and relaxation at Golden Village Palms, where the spirit of sisterhood and the joy of the great outdoors come together in perfect harmony.

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