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The RV Life

Experience RV Living

If you are thinking of buying an RV and setting out for destinations unknown, consider your options first. Buying your RV and living out of it are two completely different choices. There are rewards to the latter.

As an RV owner, you are free to explore distant corners of the country. Spend time under the stars, "boondocking" in remote places. Meet new people, learn new skills, experience life in its wonderfully diverse nuances. Don't forget to take a breather between travels. Recharge and refresh at Golden Village Palms,

  • The Call of Freedom & Open Roads

    Living in an RV connects you with real emotions and beautiful places. Rules of the road change every day, and with them, so does your lifestyle. Freedom requires commitment and flexibility, so get ready for adventure.
    • Travel to and live at all the places you dream of with a piece of home with you.  
    • Disconnected from material achievements, focusing on essentials is easier. 
    • Switching to a minimal lifestyle is the only way to sustain long journeys.  
    • Be open to meeting new people and learning new skills and experiences. 
    • With every day being a surprise, you learn to appreciate each moment. 
    • Find more time for things that matter. Develop a higher appreciation towards life itself.
  • A Reliable Partner that Gets You Anywhere

    You and your vehicle form a bond over long hours and endless travels. Ensure that it can power through diverse and challenging terrains, provides enough safety on lonely roads, and is easy to use.
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    • Class A RV: Ideal for full-time RVers, this is the biggest amongst all RV classes. They generally don't require towing and are often fitted with all essential appliances for a mobile home. 
    • Class B Motorhome: Compact homes for digital nomads and adventure campers. These are the smallest in size amongst drivable motorhomes. 
    • Class C Motorhome: Not as big as Class A RVs but almost as equipped with essential appliances as them. Ideal for parking spaces that can't fit or won't allow Class A RVs.   
    • Towable RV: These livable camper trailers swiftly latch onto your vehicle or tow truck. Choose your comfort level with flexible camper options coming in all shapes and sizes. 
  • Confirm the Essentials at Your Parking Spot

    Traveling long distances in a large vehicle has its own set of challenges. Your vehicle type, travel itinerary, inventory, repairs, refueling needs - everything should factor in choosing your parking spot.
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    • Location: Find whether the area has security, is easily accessible, and is close to supplies. 
    • Digital Presence: Verify the place's authenticity by its website and online user reviews.   
    • Reliable Services: Check the site for basic amenities, like sewage, water, electricity, laundry, etc.  
    • Community: Your stay can be infinitely more enjoyable with the right kind of crowd. 

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