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Know When (& Where) to Stop: Choosing Your RV Site 101

By: Golden Village Palms RV Resort / 23 May 2022
Know When (& Where) to Stop: Choosing Your RV Site 101

Times are drastically changing, and so are the choices of living. Understanding how short life is has dawned upon humanity in the past two years, and they are turning towards the nomadic way more than ever. Americans and people worldwide are now eagerly indulging in exploring the world and taking families and friends on board with them.

People are accepting lifestyles that keep them on the road while still related to their routine. Consequent to this shift in choices, there has been a notable increase in demand for RV life essentials and places to park your RV. While RV living continues to influence a proportionate number of people, it is essential to come to terms with what lies ahead as a first step.

Where to Park Your RV: Nuances of Choosing Life on the Road

Choosing life in an RV teaches you to respect minimalism. You start to care about bare essentials to sustain while also becoming more open to different cultures and habits. This change could be intimidating at first. But with the right vehicle to travel and appropriate resting places along the way, you can taste freedom in its truest form.

Adapting to Living in an RV: Pros and Cons


You Are Closer to Nature: Once you are on the road, you have all the time to connect and be closer to nature. The freedom to go (and stop) anywhere is one of the significant pros of RV life. You can stop by, camp, or spend a night under the moon or at the beach side. You can also recharge at designated RV resorts and parks on the way.

You Grow a Sense of Responsibility: Being on the road induces a sense of responsibility. It automatically makes you a pro at calculating risk, being practical, and making the right decisions independently. Overall, this kind of lifestyle works for individual growth.

More Room for Travel: This is obvious to the whole idea of RV life. Going for this choice involves a lot of travel, and if you do not like a place, no issues- you always have a chance to hit another city.


Space is a Prominent Issue: Compared to a house of bricks and sticks, RVs are not spacious, especially in the kitchen area. Shortage of space becomes a more significant issue with couples or a family because you would need personal space for each member in the RV.

Excess Possessions are a Liability: It is like living through a constant earthquake when you are on the road and driving around in your house. Your items may break, fall, or be damaged. It is best to maintain speed, keep everything in a secure place, and always plan a budget for damages and repairs. Check the interior along with your vehicle before and after every drive.

Climate Control Is Not Handy: Something you cannot control is the climate. If you are in a hot and humid place outside, running an air-conditioner inside consumes power and is expensive. Furthermore, this can disrupt your health in the long run.

How to Choose Your Stops

RVs give you the independence to choose your spots and stops, but you must be wise to decide on the best options.

Plan an RV-friendly Route: You would want a well-commuted route with essentials like fuel within reach. There is also a matter of security and road conditions to be considered. RVs reduce on-road maneuverability during long travels.

Book Your RV Site in Advance: Unplanned stops are certainly the best, but not every place can provide you with the amenities for the long haul. Your RV site needs to have all the basic amenities like sewage disposal, electricity, internet, and proximity to essentials and repair shops. Availability can be an issue when you have a large vehicle.

RV Park vs. RV Resort – Which are the Best

The RV world is growing fast with new concepts, and what perplexes a lot of people is the difference between an RV Park and an RV Resort. Here is what you need to know to decide which suits you the best.

RV Parks are more like large parking areas designated for RVs. It would not have the facilities that an RV Resort can provide, but if you are coming with your trailer, they are equipped to accommodate you with the basic amenities. The roads are well paved for driving, and parking areas are padded well.

On the other hand, an RV Resort provides you the ideal rest after a long journey. You will find all the essentials like wireless internet connection, sewage disposal, and laundry facilities. The resort also provides the amenities of vacation between trips like swimming pools, cable TVs, golf courses, etc.

If you are passing by Southern California, stop by our resort. Golden Village Palms is a 1,019-lot resort boasting a multi-million-dollar recreational complex, a spacious grand clubhouse, and luxury amenities. Nestled in Hemet, Calif., we spare no expense in providing the ultimate guest experience.

Welcome to the Largest RV Resort in Southern California

One of Southern California's top choices amongst RV enthusiasts is Golden Village Palms. With a substantial number of full hook-up RV sites, padded parking, and a community of like-minded RV owners, our 55-acre resort also provides cottages for more extended stays.

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Your well-earned vacation awaits at the Golden Village Palms RV Resort. Let us make it a little more special with our seasonal offers and promotions.

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