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Pickleball Courts & Tournaments

Play Championship-level Pickleball in Golden Village Palms

At Golden Village Palms, pickleball is more than a recreation. Resort guests can engage in professional pickleball tournaments, workshops and learning sessions at pickleball clinics on our ten championship courts, certified by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). 

Players travel from all around the country to play on our pickleball courts in Southern California. Get trained by pro pickleball players ahead of the tournament season and the entire year through lessons and clinics. Golden Village Palms offers both structured and open play sessions throughout the week for resort guests.
Pickleball Courts & Tournaments Golden Village Palms Hemet California

Master the Game in Ten Professional Courts

Build your pickleball skills and become a pro. Apply for clinics and professional training sessions all week throughout the year.

*Not open to the public. Must be a Resort Guest

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